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Workers’ Compensation Overview

Back injuries and repetitive motion injuries, such as carpel tunnel syndrome, are among the most common work-related injuries for which workers’ compensation benefits are paid. Contact an attorney to determine whether you have a valid claim.

US employers and their employees rely on our dependable workers’ compensation system to resolve disputes about vocational injuries and disease and to provide for related worker needs. Workers’ Compensation benefits are commonly awarded for work-related injury, illness and death, helping to meet the needs of injured workers and their families even when faced with overwhelming situations. If you or your family member is injured or becomes sick in the course of employment, an experienced and skilled workers’ compensation lawyer can assess your potential workers’ compensation claim.

Injured at Work? Know Your Rights!

Many injured employees who made the mistake of handling their own workers’ compensation claim and found out the hard way that they were misinformed or tricked into giving up their rights. You deserve to know the truth before you sign away your entitled benefits.

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